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Customer Stories

“We take for granted, our valuable business documents and archives will be there every time we start up the computer. Anyone who has lost data will tell you how costly a drive failure, burglary or natural disaster can be. SecureBackup™ provides a simple, secure and reliable off-site solution"

Alan Blundell
Ohtel Oriental Bay, Wellington, NZ

“Our team work under the one brand, but in reality we have traditionally operated as a group of stand-alone businesses. With regard to our data, we had manual backup systems in place but this was taking too much time to keep our fi les backed up. SecureBackup™ worked out how to automatically save and store all of our collective information, no matter whether it was from laptops, PCs or home computers. Now we have a situation where we don’t have to think about how we would recover lost data. If it happens, we’ll call SecureBackup™ and they will come round and sort it out for us. Great service.”

Garrick Zuckerman
AMP City Financial Services Wellington, NZ

"We are a Maori private training establishment and have been operating for 25 years in Wellington city. We also deliver training off-site and have branches throughout New Zealand. Our historical documents, archives and procedures within our organisation are invaluable to us which is why we decided to safeguard all digital data. The SecureBackup™ team came to our premises and after a data audit, made suggestions to how best backup our existing and future files. The SecureBackup™ service was outstanding. We now know that we chose the correct supplier."

Tamati Cairns
Te Ata Hou Trust, Wellington, NZ

“The dentistry industry is no different from every other business with all of our records, including all of our historical irreplaceable x-rays, now saved as digital files. I used to keep two sets of the same information on different computers, but deep down I knew the business was highly vulnerable in the event of a major disaster such as fire, earthquake or theft. When you are busy doing your core business and you’re not quite sure where to start, it is very easy to put off making a decision. The SecureBackup™ team came in to the surgery, made recommendations and took my problem away.”

Stan Litras
Great Teeth Dental Care, Wellington, NZ

“The Canterbury earthquake was a wake-up call for many businesses. People risked their lives to go back into the red zone and grab their office computers because they couldn’t continue functioning without them. A major part of the business continuance insurance pay-outs related to “lost time” because people couldn’t access their computers or had to reconstruct their entire business systems as best they could. Those that were operational then had to set-up new network systems. SecureBackup’s automated online, off-site means the very latest information is saved no matter how severely your business premises are damaged, plus the “access from anywhere” feature means you’re up-and-running again in a matter of hours from any computer, anywhere in the world.”

Chris George
C George Chartered Accountants, Wellington, NZ

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Customer Stories
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