SecureBackup SecureBackup

World class automatic, on-line, off-site data backup technology

SecureBackupTM backs up your critical data using patented world-class technology. Once set up backups will happen automatically. Forget it until you need it.
Powered by AhSayTM The SecureBackup service is powered by AhSay a world leader in automatic online backup solutions.
Intelligent file inclusion and exclusion control which files and folders are backed up and restored using a range of AhSay selection tools. These include filters and profiling features that enable you to backup only the files you select.
Controlled backup selection facilitates rapid, transparent backups, even over low-speed connections.
SecureBackup supports multi platforms including PC, Mac and Linux.


Military level data encryption stored in New Zealand


SecureBackupTM ensures your data is protected every step of the way. Incorporating the leading security technology available, SecureBackup protects your data using 256 bit AES encryption and SSL communications. Your data is then stored on enterprise class servers with full RAID data protection. The servers are hosted in Tier 3 + data centres in New Zealand and all data is mirrored to a separate geographic location (Auckland and Hamilton data centres).

World class automatic, on-line, off-site data backup technology
SecureBackup SecureBackup

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